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Nosferatu" takes us to Transylvania, where the unsuspecting Hutter confronts the bloodthirsty vampire Count Orlok in a life-and-death battle for his wife's soul. In "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", reality and nightmare blur as the sinister Dr. Caligari uses a sleepwalker to commit eerie murders and turn reality upside down. Finally, "The Phantom of the Opera" reveals the dark secrets of the Paris Opera House, where the disfigured Phantom's obsession with singer Christine unfolds, resulting in a gripping tale of love and tragedy, immortalizing these silent classics in the annals of cinematic history.
We've lovingly restored and adapted these three silent movies to comic form (and with speech!) With this bundle you will not only receive hundreds of pages of horror with the core three books, but a special bonus book will be added (The Silent Screa,) which ties the three stories together!
Glossy pages, gorgeous black and white, high quality printing. Explore these classic movies in a new way!

Horror Graphic Novel Bundle - Nosferatu, Caligari, and Phantom of the Opera!

SKU: 1598027493
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