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Step into the ethereal realm of "Carnival of Souls" with our mesmerising bundle that will be your portal to horror. Immerse yourself in the story of poor, lost Mary Henry with a captivating 70 page graphic novel adaptation, lovingly recreating the iconic visuals of the film. Capture the enigmatic with ten polaroids and share the spectral with three postcards. Own a slice of the terror with an authentic 12 frame - 35mm celluloid film strip. Let the terror flicker with a flip book. And to complete the experience, bring the carnival to you with a  poster.
- 70 page Graphic Novel
- 35mm Film Strip
- Iconic Scene Flip Book
- Ten Polaroids
- Three Postcards
- Comic Sized Print
- Larger A3 Poster
A perfect gift bundle for any fan of this Criterion worthy chiller…

Carnival Of Souls - Gift Set - Posters, Prints, Flip Book, Graphic Novel and

SKU: 1541803409
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